Horse Tips

I’ve been asking around to see if anybody has any tips to get this forum started, below are some that I think may be of some use.

Make your own homemade fly traps:

1/4 cup vinegar
1/4 cup sugar
plastic container with lid

Put first two ingredients in and put enough water to fill container about half full. Punch a few holes in the lid. Run a string through 2 of the holes in the lid. Replace lid and hang in barn.

If your horse hates wormer, clean out a used worming syringe and fill it with applesauce. Give it to him occasionally. He will love to be wormed.

Get your horse a Jolly Ball. You’ll get a kick out of watching your horse play with it. Check out this link

After every ride, wipe your tack down with a damp rag. This will save time when it comes time to actually clean your tack.

Always work your horse on the ground before riding. This is a good time to check for soreness and to find out what kind of mood he’s in today.

Spray on a coat polish after a bath. I will help repel dirt.

Hope these few tips are of use and that you will share any tips you have here for others to view.