Ekkia/RXR StrongFlex Body Armour adult size (€149.95 inc vat)

€404.47 €121.91

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Body armour (with ASA technology)

RXR protect body armour features patented ASA (Air shock Absorber) technology which is revolutionizing the action sports world.

In certified crash testing RXR armour absorbed at least 9 times more energy than traditional plastic protectors and 10 times that of foam.

Designed for the hardcore rider and pros who are looking for the most technically advanced product and protection.

This information is based upon the scientific results of CE Norm test, Certification No: 0501/1031/162/10/07/0041A

The RXR Strongflex works like a typical chest protector, but with the added advantage of built-in airbags.

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